Bebe Buell Websites

Bebe has two profiles on My Space. One for the band at and a "personal" one at

Elizabeth Franco has created a great Bebe Buell website as part of the large 'One Way Street' project, which also includes sites for Steven and Liv Tyler. Check out her gallery and the rest of her Bebe site at: 

Playboy have pages on Bebe Buell, including a short autobiography and links to sound clips, as well as, predictably, the odd 'risque' picture.

The Lovely Liv Tyler site has a page on Bebe which is worth checking out - it's a biography with some nice pictures and good links:

Family Jewels/ Twin Engines

Bebe's husband Jim has been in the music industry since he was in high school- literally. At the age of 18 he toured the world as the singer and guitar player with SST recording artist "Das Damen". They went on to be signed by SubPop and tour with Nirvana. During this journey Jim still managed to graduate from NYU with honors and has a degree in electronics. When Das Damen disbanded in 1993 Jim went on to form a couple of bands in the NYC area, the most well known being New United Monster Show (NUMS). When that band discontinued after a near deal with Geffen he formed Vacationland, who generated a lot of media and label interest. He also toured with D-Generation for their final tour as a second guitar player. With neverending interest in everything Jim does musically, he decided to go back to his NYC roots and form yet another new band. Back in the New York groove, TWIN ENGINES can be seen and heard on My Space at

Bebe's daughter Liv has a wonderful fansite which contains not only everything about Liv but also an extensive library of photos of the entire family at


We have many interviews on the 'Press Clipppings' page, but here are some more:

Time Out New York's 'Hot Seat' interview:


Book Review Cafe

Two video interviews with the Beeb you can download easily at /62846/episode_videos.jhtml

For those with cable/ISDN internet:

Bebe photographed here by the legendary Lynn Goldsmith

Bob Gruen: "Rock and Roll Photographer"

Bebe's friend Bob Gruen has enriched this website by contributing many of his photos, several of which were previously unseen. You'll recognise many famous pictures of musicians at his website and you can also dig around in his files and 'Photo of the Day' archive, at

Left to right: Elizabeth Gruen (Bob's wife), Bob Gruen, and flower child Bebe Buell, 1998.

On Screen

See Bebe in the online trailer for 'Squeezebox The Movie', a documentary about the famous Squeezebox club night in New York City in the '90s, where she was amongst the cast of characters.

The VH1 interviews in the 'Interviews' link box are also film clips you can watch online.

Write to Bebe

Bebe often answers fans' questions in the guestbook. She also picks up fanmail through this address:

Bebe Buell (Miss Nov. 1974) c/o Playboy West, 2112 Broadway, Santa Monica,CA. 90404

Please note, the above is a *new* fanmail address, updated July 22 2004.


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