Liv and baby Chiquita on the set of Empire Records, 1994

Bebe & Jim out in NYC

Jim and Bebe with Rick Derringer, his current wife, and his ex wife Liz, one of Bebe' best friends since 1972.

Jim, Bebe & writer Sophy

Bebe & Liv at Don Hill's in NYC

Royston & Liv- Bebe LOVES this picture!

Bebe's mother and Neal

Sandy, Bebe, David, Iman and Ingrid- photo:Bob Gruen

Steven, Liv, Royston & Bebe on Liv and Roy's second wedding day, NYC April 2003- Photo:Bob Gruen

Debbie Harry & Liv at Sundance

Bebe's husband Jim w/ his parents at Liv & Roy's wedding- Photo:Bob Gruen

Jim, Bebe's mother, Annie, Liv & Bebe @ the Jersey Girl premiere

Bebe's mother Dorothea, Liv & Bebe- Jersey Girl premiere

Three generations of beauties- Liv with her mother & grandmother

Jim Wallerstein, Bebe's husband

Bebe, Liv & Roy leaving a play in NYC

Proud parents of dear Milo- congrats Glamma! He's just beautiful!

Bebe & her husband Jim @ Liv's wedding reception in NYC

From PEOPLE magazine. Bebe calls this "one of the best days of my life."

Liv & Bebe in LA

Steven, Liv & Bebe

Bebe watching Spacehog at Don Hill's in NYC with Liv & Jim

US Weekly reports Milo's birth

Steven & Bebe 1977

Steven & Bebe in London 1976

Bebe, Steven & 11 year old Liv, 1988

With the late Danny Sugerman, RIP

Bebe with Rodney Bingenheimer and the late great Stiv Bators, 1980

With her gorgeous Mother, Dorothea

Liv and her Daddy- think pink!!

Liv w/ Daddy & Mommy- GORGEOUS!!

Liv w/ Bebe's mother Dorothea, Liv's grandmother, at Liv's Sweet 16 B-Day party in NYC

Liv, Bebe & Mia at the MTV Video Awards

Designer Larissa and Bebe's editor on Rebel Heart, Elizabeth Beier/St. Martin's Press

Liv and Bebe's grandson Milo- here at 8 months old in NYC

Beautiful Milo!

Liv and her dad Steven backstage

Milo at four days old with Glamma Bebe and Jim-- *DO NOT reproduce* NOT for Reproduction anywhere!


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