"Covers Girl", 1981, 12", 4 song EP- Rhino Records, produced by Ric Ocasek & Rick Derringer featuring the Cars

Little Black Egg, 1982, 7" Single

Little Black Egg� (A side)

Funtime�(B side)

Moonlight, England

You can hear these on the Hear Bebe's Music page. Produced by Ric Ocasek and featuring the Cars as Bebe's backing band.

"A Side of the B-Sides", 1984, 12" EP Picture Disc

Windy Words

Battle Cry

Mr. Never Forever

Blue Flake, Canada, produced by Todd Rundgren

Jacuzzi Jungle, 1987, 7" Single- produced by Chris Anderson at Todd Rundgren's Utopia Sound in Lake Hill, NY

Jacuzzi Jungle (A side)

13 Wrong Turns (B Side)

This release by Bebe Buell and the Gargoyles, Rt. One Records, United States

Gargoyle, 1993 Single

Gargoyle (A side)

Bored Baby (B side)

Ultra Under Records, Cave Creek, Arizona

Retrosexual, 1994 CD Album

Includes songs Bored Baby and Cosmic Kiss amongst others. It turns up on Ebay at regular intervals and can be ordered at

Free To Rock CD- produced by Don Flemingin NYC

Hear tracks from this record at the Hear Bebe's Music page.



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