Rockin' out on stage, 1985.

With her daughter, Liv.

At 'Utopia', the Woodstock home she shared with Todd Rundgren, 1975.

Rockin' out again....

Rick and Liz Derringer either side of Todd and Bebe at a CBS party.

With Billy Idol, 1978.

Acting devilish in 1999.

1980s studio shot.

Bebe with Lucie Richards, Stella McCartney and Elizabeth Dando/2003

Lucie, Bebe, Marlon Richards & Liv in NYC 2003

Bebe's 51st Birthday, July 14, 2004

Bebe performing @ Squeezebox 2004

Singing with Brian Setzer 1985

Liv & Bebe at an Eartha Kitt show at the Carlyle Hotel, NYC


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