Bebe by Bob Gruen

The celebrated rock photographer Bob Gruen has taken photos of Bebe Buell all her adult life, and has generously given us a collection of pictures for this website. They are too numerous to group into a single gallery, but here are some favorites to get you started.

You can visit Bob Gruen's website at 

On her wedding day, August 2002, with husband Jim Walllerstein.

With Royston Langdon and Liv Tyler

With Steven Tyler

Performing in 1999

The Gargoyles, 1987

With Liz Derringer and Patti Smith, 1970s.

With Bob Geldof of theBoomtown Rats, David Johansen and the late Paula Yates

Todd Rundgren, Bebe, Alice Cooper

With Todd

With Joey Ramone


With a young Liv Tyler

More Bob Gruen Photos:

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