Photos by Marcia Resnick: cover shoot for SoHo Weekly News, 1980

This photo was the actual cover.

No one could get Liv to take off the mask. She LOVED it!

SoHo Weekly News

At the Stealing Beauty premiere

And again with Mia at the MTV awards

Liv, Bebe & Mia

Bebe, Liv & Mia at the Gotham Magazine launch with Liv on the cover.

One of Bebe's favorite shots, by Terry O'Neil.

Bebe's favorite picks from this sitting with Marcia Resnick in 1980.

In the snow at Sundance

Bebe & Liv in LA

Bebe & Liv at a premiere in NYC

Liv & Bebe at the Cannes Film Festival- TV still

Liv & Bebe- TV still

Mother & Daughter

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Another in the Marcia Resnick series in B+W

Stealing Beauty LA premiere

Liv and Bebe oozing with star quality DNA!


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