Bebe dressed as a nun at Squeezebox in NYC 1995- photo: Tina Paul

Bebe onstage 5/19/06- photo by "heartonastick"

Bebe performing @ Irving Plaza- also seen is (l.) Andy Hilfiger, (r.) Richie Stotts- 5/19/06

Cheetah Crome & Bebe- two legends at work! 5/19/06

Cheetah Crome, Richie Ramone & Bebe @ Irving Plaza 6/19/06

Bebe, Richie Stotts & Andy Hilfiger NYC 5/19/06

Cheetah Crome, Richie Ramone & Bebe onstage at Irving Plaza, 5/19/06

Cheetah Crome, Richie Ramone and Bebe rocking in NYC May 19, 2006

Bebe, Liv, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jean Marais in Italy for Liv's 18th B-Day, 1995

Bebe, Liv and Royston at an Aerosmith show

Bebe looking HOT recently in NYC

Bebe and Evander Holyfield, Oct. 2005 in the Bahamas/Atlantis Resort

Billy Preston, Bebe and the legendary Sam Moore in Atlantis, Oct. 2005

Bebe and her friend Billy Preston, Oct. 2005

Bebe and famous soundman "Nite Bob" in NYC 2005

Liv bringing Bebe her birthday cake, yum!!

Bebe & Liv on Bebe's birthday- CHEERS!

Bebe & Jim on Bebe's birthday

Bebe with Joey Ramone's Mom Charlotte and brother Mickey Leigh, NYC

Bebe out in NYC looking just gorgeous!

Jayne County, Elizabeth Gruen and Bebe in NYC

GORGEOUS!! Bebe & Liv in NYC

Bebe with Jimmy Page in Los Angeles, 1974

Bebe photographed by Bob Matheu in Los Angeles, 1978

Boston Music Awards, Sept. 2005 Bebe w/ Tom Hamilton & Joey Kramer- Aerosmith

Bebe with two of her best friends, Don Hill & designer/Squeezebox creator, Michael Schmidt at her 52nd B-day party July 2005 in NYC


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