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Hitting the Manhattan music scene as soon as she finished high school, Bebe's passion, charisma and great looks propelled her media career as a rebellious New York City model and the muse of choice for any rock star worth his salt. Never satisfied with being a mere spectator, Bebe didn't quit until she'd become a rock singer herself. Originally fronting bands the B-Sides and the Gargoyles, these days Bebe's backing musicians sometimes include her husband Jim Wallerstein. The Bebe Buell Band's regular members include legendary NYC guitar genius David Matos.

As well as a musician, Bebe is now an author, and in late 2003 she found time to make a high profile return to modeling. This site salutes Bebe Buell's vibrant contribution to pop culture. Bebe posts updates to fans through this site; you can leave a message for her in the guestbook.

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*April 15

*IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!* The Bebe Buell Band will be playing the annual LA PRIDE Festival in West Hollywood CA. on June 10th (The Main Stage). Showtime is around 8-ish, after the legendary Gay Pride Parade. For more information on this wonderful event and VERY important cause go here Once there hit on the "Entertainment" link followed by "Performers" to see the entire line-up. Bebe and the band are very excited- this is their first LA Pride Festival appearance. Bebe promises to ROCK the pants off the crowd!

Also, please take a moment today to remember Joey Ramone- he passed away April 15, 2001. The Joey Ramone B-Day Bash will take place on May 19th @ Irving Plaza in NYC with The New York Dolls headlining this year. Grab your tickets before the event sells out! Bebe and her family will be there to honor Joey and his mother Charlotte. Lots of fond memories will fill the room that night. On an off note, Irving Plaza is now called The Fillmore New York @ Irving Plaza. For more info and the Joey Ramone Message Board go ~~Come celebrate this fantastic line-up of talent and support a great cause at the same time. **Lots of new pics in "Recent Photo Finds/Vintage" link option at the top of the page for you to enjoy as well.** ~~Bracing for the great Nor'easter of April 16th- YIKES!~~

*April 8

Happy Easter & Happy Spring! There is a wonderful new article with Bebe up at Harper's Market Magazine. It is a fabulous new online monthly that focuses on fashion, beauty, travel, music, and much more. Be sure to visit~ you'll love all the information about products and make-up! Once there just hit on the link option for "Bebe Buell" to see the brand new feature on our fashion icon/goddess. The photos we just added are from the legendary photographer Francesco Scavullo and the final shoot Bebe did with him just before his untimely passing in 2004. We think they are some of her best to date- ALSO we have added several new/vintage pics in various link options- poke around the numerous links at the top of the site AND Enjoy~ *March 23

Bebe attended the premier of Liv's new movie "Reign Over Me" with her daughter in NYC Tuesday March 20th along with husband's Jim and Royston. The movie opens today to wonderful reviews. A must see!! *More pics from the event in "Recent Photos 2" and*

*Feb. 21

Artist John Senior has captured Bebe remarkably in this new drawing he sent us. You can visit his My Space page at to see more of his work. Thanks John- you nailed it- especially the eyes!! (moved to "Fan Art/Drawings")

*Jan. 15

Here is a lovely pic of Bebe & Liv from The Cannes Film Festival in the Sounth Of France sent in by a fan. Thanks- we love it! Bebe looks like Scarlett Johansson in this one... paving the way for a host of new beauties. Rock on Bebe!(pic moved to "recent photos 2")

*Jan. 3

HAPPY 2007

*December 26, 2006

The beautiful rose at the top of the page(moved to recent photos 2)is the "official" Liv Tyler rose created by Meilland International for Givnechy Perfumes. The rose was named after and created to honor Bebe's daughter Liv and can be ordered here~~

Happy New Year!

*December 20

Jim, Kitty Kowalski, Bebe and Peter in NYC at The Cutting Room for Bebe's last show~~ thanks for the great shot Kitty Kitty! AND HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!! Merry Christmas too! Here's to 2007...

*December 16

Here's a snapshot by Bob Gruen of Bebe, Michael H., and her husband Jim at The New York Dolls show @ Irving Plaza, Nov. 22nd, in NYC (moved to "recent photos 2") Explore ALL the photo options- there are so many treasures within the various headings- ENJOY!

*December 9

Two new pics up in "Bebe Live"- thanks Sanne... We will be putting up some more of Sanne's fantastic finds in the next few days so stay tuned and keep your eye on the the new option we are creating as well... "Newest Vintage Bebe". Happy Holidays to you and your's from all of us at

*November 17

Bebe's dear friend Kitty Kowalski took some great shots of the Nov. 1st Cutting Room show in NYC. You can view it as a slide show here Thanks Kitty Kitty~~

*November 4

There is a delightful new article for New York Rock Magazine which can be read here

*October 6

Illustrator JT Irby has done a lovely piece of art with Bebe as the subject. It can be found in the Fan Art/Drawings option at the top of the page. Here's a link to more info on JT

*September 6

A couple of quick adds- someone sent us this fabulous link of Bebe with Liv, Mia and Jim at a NYC/Gotham Magazine party.

Another development is that Bebe's official merchandise is now available! Everything at is Bebe approved. The trucker hat and the long sleeved t-shirt are especially rockin', we're sure you'll agree. And do you realise how embarrassing it is that your dog doesn't yet have Bebe's dog jumper?! Get him dressed right away. They are pretty cool!

LID Magazine


photo: Dustin Pittman for Lid Magazine

This is a wonderful rare shot of Bebe & Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler (RIP) from the early 1970's BEFORE either of them had daughters with Steven Tyler. At this time Cyrinda was married to David Johansen from the New York Dolls and Bebe was living with Todd Rundgren.

Lid Magazine is the brainchild of Dagon James and David Croland. You can order it or buy it at special spots in certain select cities. Go to the link below for more info~


Also, we have found another wonderful nugget~ a photo of Bebe, Stiv Bators & Susan Sarandon from 1980. Priceless!


Bebe, Andy Hilfiger & Richie Ramone onstage Irving Plaza 5/19/06 NYC photo by "heartonastick"

Bebe captured by legendary photographer Stephanie Chernikowski

About Bebe- Then & Now

When Bebe was 14 yrs. old, Jimi Hendrix asked to hang out with her. Not recognising him and mistaking him for a pimp, Bebe wasn't interested. She was mortified when she realised who she'd told to get lost.
Bebe's mother Dorothea Johnson used to be a model and is now an etiquette consultant running The Protocol School of Washington, so she's not quite so much of a badass and has manners of gold. Mick Jagger was once quoted as saying that he could bring Bebe "when I dine with royalty." Mom would be proud, Bebe!!
Bebe grew up on various military bases in Virginia, North Carolina and Rhode Island because her stepfather was an Officer in the Marine Corps.
Bebe is married to Jim Wallerstein aka Jimmy Walls, formally of the bands Das Damen and Vacationland. He is currently in Twin Engines The wedding ceremony was August 25, 2002.
Bebe is a vegetarian and pro-choice. She doesn't think cannabis should be an illegal drug. She also believes that the legalization and use of HEMP could change the world environmentally. HEMP contains no THC, the ingrediant that makes people "high", so the fact that this useful and sturdy plant is not utilized is puzzling to Ms. Buell. Not only could it be transfered into fuel, it also sucks a lot of the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It can also be used for clothing, rope- many uses. She is also a gay rights advocate and does many charites to reflect that.
Bebe is credited as 'creative consultant' on the film Heavy, which starred her daughter. She suggested the casting of Debbie Harry and Evan Dando for their respective roles, Thurston Moore for the musical score and even used to manage Debbie Harry.

IMDb Mini-Biography:

Bebe Buell is a former model and Playboy Playmate who dated several rock stars in the '70s and 80's. She began modeling at the age of 17 and moved from her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to New York City at the request of superagent Eileen Ford. Shortly after moving to New York, Bebe met rock star Todd Rundgren. At the time, she was living in a women's residence run by nuns. Bebe and Todd quickly moved in together, and they ended up living with each other for six years. Although Bebe and Todd were in a steady relationship, they both dated other people while they were living together. A situation which was not only painful but hard for the couple. Bebe's rock star lovers during the '70s have included Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith but she and Todd always returned to each other in the end. When Bebe posed nude for Playboy in 1974, she was one of the first fashion models to become a Playboy Playmate, but her nude layout in Playboy caused her to be fired by the prestigious Ford modeling agency. It was also the first Playmate layout with a model and rock star boyfriend on the pages of the magazine. Bebe continued to model but moreso in Europe, signing once again with the equally prestigious Wilhelmina Agency(NYC) and Model's One(UK) frequently appearing on the pages of British, Italian & French Vogue, Harper's Queen,& Cosmopolitan. Despite all her accomplishments she became better known in the entertainment industry as a popular girlfriend of rock stars, often affectionately called "Friend To The Stars". She earned that title because of her closeness to everyone from Jack Nicholson to Andy Warhol, not to mention her carte blance access to rock's elite royalty. Frequently dubbed a "legendary beauty" by photographers and peers alike, when Bebe's daughter, Liv, was born in 1977, Todd Rundgren was named as the father. Todd and Bebe broke up soon after Liv's birth, and Bebe began a brief but highly publicised and photographed relationship with Rod Stewart.

In 1978, Bebe then began a passionate but volatile affair with Elvis Costello, who was separated from his first wife Mary at the time. But the relationship ended within a year when Elvis decided to go back to his wife. By the 1980s, Bebe was living between Maine and New York City fronting the bands the B-Sides and the Gargoyles. She also rekindled her affair with Costello sparking rumors that he had penned the song "Human Hands" from his Imperial Bedroom album in her honor to win her back. It worked but once again the affair ended in heartache. The records Bebe released in the 80's and 90's made her a mainstay in the hip indie market, the first one being "Covers Girl" (yes, thats "Covers" with an (S), not Cover Girl which has sometimes been printed) produced by Ric Ocasek of the C A R S and Rick Derringer. It was a four song EP of cover songs hence the title "Covers Girl"- great play on words. She was also produced by her longtime love/ex Todd Rundgren. When Liv was 11, she found out her father was really Steven Tyler, not Todd Rundgren. Bebe has said in interviews that she didn't want to tell Liv who her real father was because of Steven's heavy drug addiction at the time and Bebe thought he would be an unsuitable father. Todd had known that he was not the biological father of Liv but he had kept the secret in order to give both Bebe and Liv some semblance of a stable home life. When the truth came out, it put a strain on the relationship between Todd and Bebe. However, Liv and Steven were able to form a loving family bond and they are reportedly very close. Liv also changed her name from Liv Rundgren to Liv Tyler but still keeps Rundgren as her middle name. She also remains close with Rundgren which Bebe has often said was "her dream"- for Liv to have thriving relationships with both men. Bebe has also said in interviews that she still loves them both very much and that Rundgren was a "father figure" to her. Her admiration and respect for Steven Tyler is evident even today.

In the '90s, Bebe had moved back to New York, became Liv's manager, and helped launch her daughter's successful modeling and acting career. Although Bebe is no longer Liv's manager, she still remains close with Liv.

Bebe, who is now married to musician Jim Wallerstein, splits her time between her homes in New York and Portland, Maine. She performs live at venues such as New York City's famous Don Hill's and Irving Plaza. Bebe's autobiography, "Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey", was published in 2001. It became a New York Times Bestseller and the paperback came out in the summer of 2002. She plans a new record and more books in the future. You can often see Bebe on television being interviewed as a pop culture expert in both the US and Europe.

Bebe's Live Shows!

If you get a chance to see Bebe live, don't miss it! Her live shows are legendary and don't be surprised if you see a legend or two in attendance. Never one to disappoint and always one to surprise and delight the audience, her performances are high energy and rooted in real rock and roll.

For those that are members of My, you can hear four of the newer Bebe Buell Band recordings. It is free to listen but you must be signed up to view the entire profile, photos, etc...

Go to our "Links" page for more info and feel free to post comments in the guestbook.

RETROSEXUAL can be ordered at

Bebe's last sitting with Scavullo in early 2004

Bebe onset with the late great divine Francesco Scavullo in NYC 2004

Did you know....

Bebe is the mother of actress Liv Tyler. Even after Bebe no longer lived with Todd Rundgren, the musician was a father to Liv as she grew up. Eventually she would come to know her real father was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Today Liv has two dads. Her "spiritual" father Rundgren maintains he has five children - including Liv.

Bebe Captured In Art

As any fan or friend of Bebe's knows, she is an avid Oscar Wilde enthusiasts.

One of her oldest friends in NYC is a collector of his works and her knowledge of Mr. Wilde's writings is extensive. Bebe's love of Oscar Wilde began in childhood when she saw a photo of he and his literary muse Lillie Langtry while visiting one of her mother's friend's homes in Virginia Beach, Va. at the age of five. She then began asking her mother for his books and had read her first Oscar Wilde penned tome by age eight.

So, it makes perfect sense that an artist in Paris chose to capture Bebe in a bit of a twist- Oscar admiring a painting of her!

We here at are always interested in any drawings of Bebe you wish to submit. They will be displayed on this site with pride if you wish them to be seen by a larger audience.

See more of Estelle's gorgeous drawings on her My Space profile at

Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey

Bebe's autiobiography is a wildly entertaining book detailing her extended adolesence as a star in the New York underground, and the long, bumpy road to adulthood.

As you'll see from the paperback, Rebel Heart was a New York Times bestseller and named "The tell-all book of the year" by critic Liz Smith. Not to mention stellar praise from Cameron Crowe, Newsweek, and Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith biographer Stephen Davis. Details Magazine dubbed Bebe "The Queen Of The Rock Chicks" and Vanity Fair has called her a "legendary beauty". Her remarkable life is captured, only barely, on the pages of this book.

You can buy Rebel Heart, co-written with Victor Bockris, in all good bookshops or at Just search 'Bebe Buell' in all products. There you will find other books that include Bebe and her rereleased CD "Retrosexual".

Bebe also features heavily in Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain) and High On Rebellion: Inside The Underground At Max's Kansas City (Yvvone Sewell-Ruskin)

Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe based his wonderful heroine Penny Lane on two personalities he had met in the early seventies. A young girl he knew from the Northwest named Pennie Trumble and the also very young Bebe Buell. Cameron and Bebe became friends when he toured with Todd Rundgren in 1973 while writing a story on him for Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the extended DVD version of Almost Famous, Cameron talks about how Bebe inspired some of Penny's lines in the film. He also named the lead singer, played by Jason Lee, in the ficticious band Stillwater none other than "Jason Bebe".

Once again another salute to Bebe and her presense during those innocent, golden years of rock and roll.

See the "press clips" for a scan of Bebe & Cameron interviewing each other for the Oscar magazine "Red Carpet" that was given out at the ceremony. It is from the same year he won the Academy Award for "Best Screenplay".

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